Management and Execution

Our construction project requires management and planning. It could be a plan delivered by the client to map out the entire project from its goals to an evaluation process. Sometimes the plan comes from us who focuses on the construction work primarily. Then there is a plan puts the project in the context of the site around it, as defined by the rules and regulations of the municipality in which it is being done.

These are the reasons why we observe project management:

  • Planning Permission: we must get approval and adhere to building and municipal codes.
  • Project Description: outline what the project is and how you’re planning to execute it.
  • Project Manager and Team: who is leading the project and who will make up the teams executing the plan.
  • Project Design: the plans, blueprints and other drawings detailing the build.
  • Bid and Contract: there are a couple of different bidding methods, which should be detailed here, also the details of the contract.
  • Construction Process: identifying activities and resources required to make the design a physical reality.
  • Occupation and Defects Liability Period: outlining the process the client takes once possessing the development to occupy it.